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Graeme Blackwood


Graeme Blackwood

Graeme is a lover of whisky and tweed, and has been known to carry a sword-cane. He was also one of the web’s early adopters, creating his first website in early 1998.

Over the last 16 years, Graeme has been using digital technology to enable people to become part of the story of brands like Johnson and Johnson, EFES and The British Royal Family.

He sees the future of advertising as a place where brands no longer look at people as customers to talk or sell to, but as participants to learn from and evolve with; where people shape the brand as much as it shapes them, in a genuine two-way relationship.

Graeme believes digital technology is the enabler of this inevitable future. And where brands struggle with this reality, his deep, cross-disciplinary experience helps enable them to reach their potential.

He now works in Moscow leading the creative team for SapientNitro Russia.

Доклад: «Beyond UX (or, Creating Connected Experiences)»

The world is changing all around us. Organisations are only just beginning to understand and embrace UX practices in their digital projects but still frequently overlook the reality that their customers and even own staff move between channels minute-by-minute – in-store, SMS, mobile site, email, TV, magazine, tablet, billboard, wearables. The list is growing.

Organisations can no longer think simply in terms of Digital UX. They must begin to look beyond specific channels and create connected experiences – worlds that overlap with those of their users.

This is easier said than done. I’ll look at some practical ways of prioritising efforts by leveraging existing organisational structures, producing “future-friendly” products and ensuring that the benefits of these efforts are measurable and demonstrable.